House rules

House rules
Recreation and stay at Glamping De Parel
rules for a pleasant stay at our park

Best guest,

In order to be able to stay and recreate together in the most pleasant and safe way possible, a number of rules apply at this park. We kindly request you to take note of these rules and to cooperate in compliance with these rules.

In addition to the applicable Recron conditions, our rental conditions apply to all bookings.

We wish you a pleasant stay. If something is not clear or if you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have respect for other guests, the staff at the park, their privacy and other people's property. Do not cause any nuisance. Our park is intended for recreation, aggression in any form is not tolerated.

You may not cause noise nuisance during the day or in the evening. After 10 p.m. there should also be no other noise nuisance, such as loud talking, singing or laughing. From 11 p.m. to 8 a.m., the 'night rest' applies and it must be quiet in the park.

Instructions from staff of Glamping De Parel and external companies that work for Glamping De Parel must be followed immediately.

Check-in and check-out / reception opening hours:
Please check in between 3pm-7pm and check out between 9am-11am unless otherwise agreed. Report to reception on arrival and departure. The reception can be reached during opening hours on telephone number 036 - 522 7862.

The current opening hours of the reception can be found at

Ambulance, fire brigade or police: call 112 first and then the reception.

Medical emergencies:
In case of medical emergencies, you can call the XXX GP practice in Zeewolde on XXX during office hours (08.00-17.00).

For emergencies outside these office hours, please call the General Practitioner Service for Zeewolde and the surrounding area on XXX.

The nearest hospital for emergency care is the St Jansdal hospital in Harderwijk. Phone number: +31341463911. Address: Alderman Jansenlaan 90, 3844 DG Harderwijk.

Serious malfunctions or calamities:
After 10 pm you can only call 036 - 522 7862 for serious malfunctions or calamities. Please report other malfunctions to reception during opening hours.

Leaving accommodation on departure:
On departure, the accommodation must be left tidy and broom clean. The following applies:

  • Please pick up bed linen and put it in a pillowcase (with the exception of the terry cloth bottom cover)
  • Leave kitchen and bath linen in the bathroom of the accommodation
  • Washing dishes and tidying up in the designated place
  • Empty fridge/box
  • Garbage in the appropriate containers at the entrance
  • Close doors and windows
  • Hand in keys at the reception

Please note: if we do not execute it (correctly), we are forced to charge an amount.

The accommodations are completely non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed on the private terrace using the ashtray (if the ashtray is absent, use a saucer, for example). Pressure cigarettes in connection with fire hazard and always dispose of them in the waste bin. Please note: if you ignore this instruction, we will charge an amount.

The De Parel site is car-free. You can park your car in front of the entrance. At the entrance you can use a handcart, with which you can bring your belongings to the accommodation. Make sure to get all your valuables out of the car. Parking is entirely at your own risk.

Pets are allowed on the property.

Fire / barbecue / fire bowls:
Cooking or barbecuing outside or using the fire bowl is allowed, but make sure that there is supervision at all times and that the fire is well extinguished afterwards. These rules must be strictly observed. The fire must be extinguished by 11 p.m. at the latest.

Clean up everything neatly after use. preserving our terrain and nature. Open fire is not allowed. Please note: in case of incorrect use, we are forced to charge an amount.

Wildfire risk In the event of a wildfire risk (phase 2), it is not allowed to start a fire. Not sure if there is a phase 1 or phase 2? Check or ask at the reception. Instructions from personnel regarding firing must be followed at all times.

Number of persons Per accommodation:
The following maximum number of people may stay overnight:

La Vida up to 5 people
Arriba maximum 2 people
Cabaña up to 2 people
Hacienda up to 6 people
Carpa up to 4 people

If you have visitors, please report this to reception in advance. The maximum number of visitors is equal to the number of guests that can stay in your accommodation.

Guests who do not adhere to these rules of conduct applicable to everyone may be instructed to leave the park immediately by the park management.

Groenewoudse Weg 71, 3896 LS Zeewolde
tel. 036 - 522 7862